Thursday, 18 May 2017

Jeremy Priestley : Business and Community

Jeremy Priestley of South Yorkshire is a tested, well-versed business executive. Born in Sheffield, Priestley has spent the bulk of his life and professional career working with companies based in the United Kingdom.

Getting his start in accounting and finance, Priestley’s knowledge has continued to evolve over the course of his career. After working for other businesses for a number of years, he moved on to building his own companies. Jeremy Priestley played an integral role for companies specializing in receivables management, corporate restructuring, sub-prime mortgages and data management. These companies have garnered attention from big clients “including Microsoft, Netapp and Yahoo,” says Jeremy Priestley.

Jeremy Priestley contributes to more than just the business community in South Yorkshire. He also has spent significant time and money dedicating effort to the region’s local nonprofit organizations. Jeremy Priestley is an active member of the South Yorkshire Community Foundation.

With the support of local businessman like Jeremy Priestley, the impact from South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation is truly making a difference. The organization has “distributed over 25 million euro in grants to community and voluntary projects across South Yorkshire.”

Jeremy Priestley is not only a well-known businessman in Sheffield. He also uses his unique skills and relationships to support the South Yorkshire nonprofit community.