Saturday, 6 August 2016

Jeremy Priestley - Supporting the Local Community

Jeremy Priestley is Sheffield born and raised, a true British Businessman who loves his work. Many successful business ventures in receivables management and consultancy have inspired him to give back to the local community through charities. The importance he places on remembering his origins can be seen in his generosity towards local charities and foundations.

Cricket is a true English sport, and Jeremy Priestley shows his support by donating to junior sports teams. His passion for the sport starts by supporting the grass-roots, and he believes that allowing young players to develop is integral to ensuring the longevity of the sport. Cricket teams around the South Yorkshire are able to buy new equipment and uniforms, as well as extra coaching, thanks to his generosity.

Helping young cricket players is just the beginning of his community support, as he also supports broader charities such as South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, which “supports and funds local charities”, and the Daffodil Ball, which has raised over £1,000,000. Helping a wide range of charities and organizations ensures that many people near his home benefit from his success, and are hopefully allowed to develop their own potential through the funding he provides.

Jeremy Priestley gives back to the places where he grew up. Remembering his origins is a central part of his life philosophy, and as a businessman he wants to make a difference to those around him in Sheffield. Charities and foundations appreciate his support, which is spread around the wider Sheffield community.