Thursday, 11 May 2017

Jeremy Priestley : Business Advisor

Jeremy Priestley has spent an entire career gaining skills in business. After taking accounting courses in college, the financially savvy Jeremy Priestley worked with local accounting firms before going into business for himself. He has founded and sold a number of companies related to his expertise in finance and accounting. Priestley’s businesses have focused on receivables management, corporate restructuring, data management and sub prime mortgages.

With great personal experience and a broad knowledge base, Jeremy Priestley dedicates a portion of his time to business advising. This comes in a variety of forms. He has served as an advisor to lenders, banks and company directors.

Bringing in a business advisor like Jeremy Priestley can be very beneficial to a company’s growth. Business Advisors work with companies in a variety of ways including:

  • Reviewing a companies current business situation
  • Advising on immediate actions to halt or reduce negative impact
  • Developing strategies to address problems going forward
  • Sharing potential impact, both positive and negative, of proposed strategies
  • Allowing business owner to make the final decision
  • Providing general strategy and implementation support
Having access to a skilled business advisor like Jeremy Priestley can be very helpful when a business encounters a difficult situation. By working with an advisor, a business owner gains access to crucial information and immediate assistance without needing to hire a full time employee. A good business advisor will be highly knowledgeable in their chosen field and up to date with all new techniques, technology and market trends.

As an industry veteran with experience working within large companies and building his own, Jeremy Priestley has the skills necessary to add great value as a business advisor.