Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Jeremy Priestley - Receivables Management

Jeremy Priestley started out with a foundation course in Accountancy and has come a long way since them. All the while, he has retained his love for accountancy and has established several firms which are focused on helping businesses to manage their accountancy in an efficient and productive way. Jeremy Priestley talent for numbers has ensured the longevity of his business career and given him practical ideas for new firms.

His first receivables management firm was established while still a managing partner at a local Sheffield firm. Working for an independent accountancy group had inspired him to start his own business, and this became a successful venture for him. Clients included Yahoo, Microsoft and NetApp, and soon the firm began to expand. Jeremy Priestley created a recovery component, working with the receivables funders to improve their position. When this went well, Jeremy Priestley was able to establish an international forum business which worked with many blue chip clients.

Accountancy businesses focused on receivables management proved successful, but his range of business skills also including turnaround, which he used to establish several firms as well. With this skill he was able to expand past England to Ireland, bringing in a wider range of clients and maximizing profits.

Jeremy Priestley has now sold his firms and businesses, but his years of experience have stayed with him and he is always searching for his next potential ideas. His career has involved consulting, founding, and restructuring businesses, and his base skills of accountancy allowed him this versatility.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Jeremy Priestley - Giving Back to Sheffield

Jeremy Priestley grew up in Sheffield, and it was there where he decided to pursue a career in business. After attaining a foundation course in Accountancy, he began to work for local firms. It was with these firms that he was first made a managing partner and inspired to start his own businesses, so he owes a lot to the local Sheffield community. He shows his gratitude by donating to local charities and organizations.

Supporting charities is important for those who have achieved success. The communities where success was fostered right from the start deserve to be supported in return, and often business people enjoy helping others from their homes to achieve success. The positive experience of success that they have enjoyed can be shared with everyone in a small community, and donating to charities ensures that the money goes to the right places.

For Jeremy Priestley, donating to charities is important. South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, local youth cricket teams and the Daffodil Ball are all organizations which benefit from his generosity. His hard work has put him in a position where he is able to support others financially, but he accepts that others may not be able to achieve success without the money he gives. Hard work is sometimes not enough for those in dire situations, and he believes that allowing people to develop from a young age is important.

Jeremy Priestley gives back to his home town as a show of respect, and because he believes that the local area and support of various firms helped him get to where he is today.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Jeremy Priestley - Growing Turnover in Businesses

Jeremy Priestley has worked in business in London and Sheffield, focusing on local, independent firms which give advice to other businesses. He has had many blue chip clients and popular firms such as Yahoo and Microsoft come to his firm for advice or consultancy. Advising new businesses has taken up much of his career, but he is also skilled at growing turnover in business marketing.

At his first job after a foundation course in Accountancy, he began to work for a local firm. The success he attained in this first job was telling of what was to come, and he was promoted to senior managing partner after just five year of work. In terms of turnover, he was able to assist the company in growing it by 800%, a huge figure. This work ethic stays with him today, and he has established various firms to help others grow their turnover by similar figures.

Turnover is essential in businesses, and it is Jeremy Priestley’s versatile skillset that allowed him to have such success in increasing it. Local Sheffield firms were impressed by him, and with his own company he reached out to other areas such as Ireland with restructuring advice.

Jeremy Priestley has had an aptitude for business, and has made the changes necessary to optimize turnover within his own firms and his clients’ firms. With such impressive improvements made to his very first firm, it is hardly surprising that his talents in consultancy, receivables management, and growing turnover have only increased over time.

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Jeremy Priestley - Supporting the Local Community

Jeremy Priestley is Sheffield born and raised, a true British Businessman who loves his work. Many successful business ventures in receivables management and consultancy have inspired him to give back to the local community through charities. The importance he places on remembering his origins can be seen in his generosity towards local charities and foundations.

Cricket is a true English sport, and Jeremy Priestley shows his support by donating to junior sports teams. His passion for the sport starts by supporting the grass-roots, and he believes that allowing young players to develop is integral to ensuring the longevity of the sport. Cricket teams around the South Yorkshire are able to buy new equipment and uniforms, as well as extra coaching, thanks to his generosity.

Helping young cricket players is just the beginning of his community support, as he also supports broader charities such as South Yorkshire’s Community Foundation, which “supports and funds local charities”, and the Daffodil Ball, which has raised over £1,000,000. Helping a wide range of charities and organizations ensures that many people near his home benefit from his success, and are hopefully allowed to develop their own potential through the funding he provides.

Jeremy Priestley gives back to the places where he grew up. Remembering his origins is a central part of his life philosophy, and as a businessman he wants to make a difference to those around him in Sheffield. Charities and foundations appreciate his support, which is spread around the wider Sheffield community.